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Please be informed that pursuant to SEC Memorandum Circular No. 3, series of 2021, the following reports shall be filed thru the ELECTRONIC FILING AND SUBMISSION TOOL (eFAST) such as: AFS, GIS, GFFS, LCFS, LCIF, FCFS, FCIF, IHFS, BDFS, PHFS etc. ANO, ANHAM, FS-PARENT, FS-CONSOLIDATED, OPC_AO, AFS W/NSPO FORM 1,2,3 AND 4,5,6, AFS WITH NSPO FORM 1,2,3 (FOUNDATIONS).

Secondary reports not included above shall be filed through the email at

[email protected] such as:

17-A, 17-C, 17-L, 17-Q, ICASR, ICA-QR, ICA-AR, 23-A, 23-B, I-ACGR, ACGR, Monthly Reports, Quarterly Reports, Letters, OPC (ALTERNATE NOMINEE), GIS-G, 52-AR, IHAR, AMLA-CF, NPM, NPAM, BP-FCLC, CHINESEWALL, 39-AR,36-AR, PNFS, MCG, S10/SEC- NTCE-EXEMPT.

All corporations with unsuccessful enrollment and submission in eFAST may call or email the following:

To learn about the requirements and procedures, please watch: https:fb.watch/59 PYcJ1QR/

  • For Submission:
    • 0997-093-6460
    • 0966-429-1332

Those who would like to be assisted in the enrollment and submission in eFAST may proceed directly to the Kiosk located at the Ground Floor, Secretariat Building, PICC Complex Pasay City through our appointment system. All errors encountered in eFAST maybe screenshot and attached to the appointment slip to be accommodated in the Kiosk. No proof of error and appointment slip, no accommodation in the Kiosk. You may still get your appointment thru the SEC EXPRESS SUBMISSION APPOINTMENT SYSTEM.

Filing of reports over the counter or through mail will no longer be accepted.